Study without A-Levels

Nothing stands in the way of your studies

You don't have a university entrance qualification such as A-levels but you have completed vocational training and have work experience? Then you can study with us!

A different path to studying

According to the NRW Higher Education Act, in addition to the A-levels and other school-leaving qualifications, there are also other ways to study with us.

Here you should have one of the following qualifications:

  • At least two years of state-regulated vocational training and at least three years of professional activity in the learned profession.
  • Direct access to the study programme is granted if the professional activity is related to the subject or if the professional experience is related to the study programme.
  • If your two years of education and/or at least three years of professional experience are not related to the chosen study programme, you will have to take an aptitude test at our university. Here, your ability to study the subject will be assessed.
  • Master craftsman's examination and a number of other advanced training courses, e.g. certified business administrator, business IT specialist or specialist manager