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Our CORE-Principle
Our CORE-Principle

A study that puts you in the focus

With our CORE-Principle, you learn very close to practice. You learn the learning content within five weeks – step by step for sustainable learning success! You are never alone, because our professors are always by your side.

Instead of overcrowded lecture halls, at SRH you learn in small teams and always with a focus on learning practical content. Our lecturers are your individual learning coaches. Together, you will not only expand your subject knowledge, but also hone your social skills. We stand for short and direct communication channels and personal proximity.

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Latest News
Latest News

Study despite COVID-19

At the SRH Campus Rhineland in Leverkusen, you and your studies are safe despite COVID-19. Your health is close to our hearts. For this reason, we always want to keep you informed about the latest developments at our campus - We are still here for you and happy to help.

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