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Climb the next rung of your career ladder now

Start your own business, do your doctorate or qualify as a training coach in your dream industry - with a Master's degree from the SRH Campus Rhineland - University of Applied Science you can further expand your know-how or take a completely new path. Take the next step with us!


Do you want to reduce costs in your company, produce optimised results in less time and improve customer satisfaction? Then start your Master's programme now and become a Supply Chain Manager.

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Economics, Technology & Sustainability

Do you want to deepen your technological as well as methodological knowledge and skills and take a leading position in research and industrial development, taking into account the issue of sustainability? Then a Master's degree in science and technology is the next step. You can now also study in the field of sustainability with us.

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Credit Points for previous work

You have vocational training or work experience? Then study with us.