Your CORE study

Learn with joy and success

Your education is important to us

With our CORE-Principle, you will no longer just learn, but learn correctly and successfully. Through a perfect alignment of assessment methodology, teaching and learning methods, the intended learning goal will be achieved. Our proven CORE-Principle combines competence, knowledge and the joy of learning.

Learn with us step by step

Only when there is enough room for questions, experimentation and fun, learning can be sustainable – we are firmly convinced of this. That is why we have redesigned the classical way of studying. You study in a new way with our CORE-Principle.

  • You learn to research real-life problems from practice and to solve them successfully within 5 weeks.
    You concentrate on a maximum of two subjects in 5-week-blocks. At the end of the learning periods, your exams take place. We do not have bundled examination phases at the end of the semester. We adapt the examination form to the relevant competences and offer you a wide range of examination forms (from role play to learning diary). 
  • You take the centre stage
    We want to support your individual talent and therefore you will not only expand your professional competences, but also your soft skills. Various internships, projects, guest lectures and excursions help you to gain practical experience that will be useful for your professional experience with your future employer.
  • Your learning coach
    Our lecturers are experts in their field and your personal learning coaches. Many of them are in prominent management positions in business, industry and society. They profit from years of professional experience with you and give you continuous feedback.
  • Consolidation blocks
    In the in-depth blocks, you have the opportunity to further expand your knowledge, catch up on exams or gain practical experience.

Our Constructive Alignment
Customised for you

You study with us according to the SRH Constructive Alignment. 

We always keep the following questions in mind: 

  1. What skills do our students need to be successful in their future careers?
  2. With the help of which forms of examination do our students use their skills effectively?
  3. How do we prepare our programmes so that our students are perfectly prepared for their exams?

That's why we do not just offer the classical forms of exams such as written exams or presentations. We offer many different forms of exams such as presentations, project work, case studies, scientific posters, scientific reports and much more. 

This perfect mixture of learning outcome, examination methodology, teaching and learning methods of the CORE-Principle helps you achieving the desired learning objectives. The subject matter can thus be absorbed and processed more deeply, so that the learning success is achieved in the long term.

Learning soft and hard skills
Learning soft and hard skills

Our four pillars of the CORE-Principle

Through professional competence in teaching, you link and reproduce knowledge acquired in the CORE-Principle, understand theories, master the technical language and recognise correlations.

Within the CORE-Principle, social competence enables you to work in a team in a goal- and result-oriented manner.

Through the methodological competence imparted in the teaching, you efficiently apply strategies and work techniques appropriate to the situation in the CORE-Principle.

Through corresponding self-competence, you organise yourself in the CORE-Principle and develop professional action, a sense of responsibility and the ability to reflect.