How to finance your studies

This is how you can finance your studies

Education fund, student loan or scholarship – there are many ways to finance your studies. Find the right financing option for you.

Your ways of financing your studies

Please note that a lot of the options are only available to German or EU citizens, since they require a guarantor with EU citizenship or a permanent residence permit.

Brain Capital's Reverse Generation Contract (UGV) is a modern and innovative model of student financing. During your studies, you pay no or only part of the tuition fees. After completing your studies and only if you reach a stable minimum income, you pay back your contribution (which is related to your income) to the SRH Education Fund of Brain Capital. The amount of the repayments is linked to the income earned and thus to your personal ability to pay.

IMPORTANT: Brain Capital only supports students who have an A-level or Vocational baccalaureate (with an appropriate grade point average – please ask Brain Capital). If you need funding for your Master's degree, you should have a Bachelor's degree.

The advantages at a glance

  • Full concentration on your studies thanks to financial independence.
  • Your parents' income is irrelevant for the funding.
  • Financing is flexible and compatible with stays abroad, a career break or financing bottlenecks during phases of setting up a business.
  • Only the individual income is used for repayments and the total repayment is capped.
  • Brain Capital also supports you with career coaching during your studies.
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  • Support for first and second degree, postgraduate and doctoral studies
  • Flexible monthly disbursement amounts
  • financing without collateral and independent of income
  • flexible and moderate repayment

These courses of study are financially supported:

  • Basic first degree
  • Second degree (further undergraduate studies)
  • Additional, supplementary or postgraduate studies (postgraduate studies)
  • Master's degree (postgraduate study)


If you would like professional advice on a KfW Student Loan, the local banks are at your disposal. More information on the exact requirements and a repayment calculator can be found on the KfW website.

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Every year, our SRH University of Applied Sciences in NRW awards several scholarships to students.

The ALLSTAY Scholarship supports our students with above-average performance with 300 Euros per month until the end of their standard period of study*. Half of the grant is paid by the federal government and the other half by a private donor. The ALLSTAY Scholarship is awarded each winter semester and is paid retroactively to the start of the studies.

*The sponsor must pay the grant for at least one year. Thereafter, it may withdraw from the sponsorship if the scholarship holder's performance is not adequate.

Application requirements:

  • You are a student at the SRH university of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia who is in his/her 1st or 2nd semester at the start of the winter semester at the SRH located in Hamm or Leverkusen
  • You are at least 18 years old

The Scholarship Programme Act specifies the further criteria for funding as follows:

  • For first-year students: the average grade of the A-level and individual grades or qualifications relevant to the chosen subject. For students who are already enrolled: academic achievements to date, in particular ECTS points.
  • For Master's students, the final grade of the previous study programme also counts.
  • Special potential of the applicants: achievements such as awards and prizes, a previous professional activity, internships, extracurricular, social, university political or political commitment and/or participation in religious societies, associations or clubs.
  • Special personal or family circumstances: chronic illnesses and disabilities, raising children, especially as a single parent, caring for close relatives, involvement in family businesses, gainful employment during studies or migration background.

This is what you should do to apply for the ALLSTAY Scholarship:

To apply, please send the following documents in a PDF file by email to with the subject "Allstay Scholarship"

  • Letter of motivation (your interest in studying, your social commitment, your motives, etc.)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of previous achievements (certificates, proof of voluntary work, etc.)
    Please note: In order to ensure error-free verification of the documents submitted, they will be accepted exclusively in German or English.

The application deadline is the end of November every year. 

After the application deadline has ended, the university will inform you whether or not you are invited to a selection interview. A special committee will then select students for the scholarship based on the selection interviews and applications. The final decision is made after an internal review process which may take some time. The new scholarship holders will be accepted into the program on the 1st of October of each year.

  1. Online application (CV with maximum length of one page, motivational letter with a maximum length of half a page, a current overview of your grades if available or otherwise your most recent school leaving certificate). 
  2. Pre-selection by selection committee.
  3. Invitations for selection interviews.
  4. Final selection by steering committee.
For further questions please contact us here

You can also apply for a scholarship outside of SRH University. There are numerous scholarship programmes and it is definitely worth a try!
In most cases, a letter of motivation and a CV are sufficient for your application. It's best to apply early and right at the beginning of your studies. Criteria are usually the following: Commitment, political activities, academic success, family background, sporting success.

We can recommend the following scholarships: 

You can also find more different scholarships at  or at

You can also find a good overview here

You can work a part-time job or a holiday job alongside your studies. If you work a maximum of 20 hours per week alongside your studies, your student status is maintained (other regulations apply at weekends and in the evenings) and you are exempt from health, nursing care and unemployment insurance. For pension insurance, however, you are only exempt from insurance if you have a mini-job of up to 450 Euros per month or a short-term job.
Basically, you can distinguish between a part-time job during your studies and a working student job. With a working student job, you can work in a company or as a student assistant at a university. The working student privilege allows you to work up to 20 hours per week without having to pay working student health and nursing care insurance.

You can find relevant jobs here:

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