Why SRH?

Study with us in a new way

Our promise to you

We want you to go through life as a self-confident, tolerant and open-minded person after your studies. That is the goal of our work.

SRH in North Rhine-Westphalia

We are part of the education and health company SRH, which supports people on their way to education and health – since over 50 years! That's why we offer you a practical course of study that promotes your individual talent. The prerequisites for your successful career are therefore in place – now all you have to do is follow this path with us. We look forward to meeting you!

We are the SRH
We are the SRH

A strong partner for education and health

The well-being of students and patients is SRH's top priority. For SRH, success does not mean higher, faster, further – as a non-profit foundation, it combines social responsibility with entrepreneurial action. It reinvests its profits in the future markets of education and health in order to continually improve its offerings and open up new life opportunities for people.

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We are in Hamm
We are in Hamm

SRH University o.A.S. in North Rhine-Westphalia

We are a private and state-approved university with modern study programmes in the fields of logistics, management, social sciences and psychology. We offer you an acknowledged course of study with a high practical component, small learning groups, short distances for exchange and experienced professors who also have your social skills in mind. That is our promise to you! 

  • Founding year of the university: 2005
  • Location: Hamm / Leverkusen / Münster
  • 16 starting years
  • 13 graduating classes
  • approx. 850 students
  • approx. 50 employees
  • approx. 70 honorary lecturers
  • Faculties: Technology and Economics and Social Sciences
We are in Leverkusen
We are in Leverkusen

The SRH Campus Rhineland

You at the centre
You can choose from multiple study programmes at the SRH Campus Rhineland and study freely in small groups. We remove obstacles for you and create a personal relationship with you. This is the only way we can respond to your individual interests and abilities.

The SRH Campus Rhineland is attended by students from all over the world. This gives you the opportunity to get to know other nationalities, traditions, religions, etc. and to see things from a different perspective. You can also spend a semester or internship abroad during your studies.

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