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Welcome at the SRH Campus Rheinland

At the SRH Campus Rhineland 'internationality' means diversity – people of different colour, different origin, different gender or different religion, study together at one place.


Our University Team supports you in all matters – in line with our ALLSTAY 4.0 project.

ALLSTAY is an innovative four-stage and social integration model that aims to ensure that our international students not only graduate from SRH, but also work and live permanently as professionals in Germany. The project name stands for Arrive, Learn, Live and STAY

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Health at our university
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At the SRH Campus Rhineland in Leverkusen, your studies are safe despite COVID-19.
Due to the current situation in dealing with the Corona pandemic and the resulting legal requirements and framework conditions in North Rhine-Westphalia, our university management has decided on certain measures. You can read about them here.

Due to the Corona pandemic, it can be difficult to find suitable accommodation in Leverkusen or the surrounding area. We can help you organise suitable accommodation and rent a flat while you are still in your country of origin. This way, you can start living and feeling comfortable as soon as you arrive in Germany.

There are many ways to search for a room in a shared apartment in Germany on the internet. Shared flats are recommended because they are usually inexpensive and you can quickly get in touch and make friends with other students. Please always check beforehand whether your budget is sufficient to cover the cost of living in Germany or whether you would have to take on a part-time job.

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Costs of Living

What to expect:

  • Accommodation: your accommodation can cost around 500 Euro per month, depending upon a single or double occupancy. The monthly living costs consist of electricity, water, drainage, garbage disposal, heating, warm water, house insurances, property tax, property drainage, street cleaning. Not included are the costs for the internet (Wi-Fi). A internet subscription can cost around 30 Euro per month.
  • Health insurance: health insurance can cost around 90 Euro per month. 
  • Sports: sports grounds and gym centres are easily accessible. A subscription for the gym or a swim club can cost around 25 Euro per month.
  • Food and other expenses: as Leverkusen is a quite inexpensive city to live in (compared to other German cities), you need to set aside another 250 to 300 Euro for food and other expenses. Since you will be receiving the semester travel ticket, study related conveyance will be free. The ticket is valid for free travel in the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia for using regional trains and buses during the course. Depending on your individual life style and needs, you may need a minimum of about 700 to 750 Euro per month.  
  • Transport: in the morning, the buses run every 10 minutes, later every half hour or late in the evening about every hour. 
  • All in all: 500 Euro per month + 200 Euro per month for additional costs. 

We are happy to support you to find your perfect accomadation, but please note that the SRH Campus Rhineland, located in Leverkusen, does not have its own student accommodations, yet. 

Tips for your apartment search

Here are some usefull tips, how to find student flats offered by private people:

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