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We are pleased that you are interested in studying at thje SRH Campus Rhineland! Your first step towards applying is very simple and can be done online. In the following, we will show you the individual steps on your way to studying.

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Your application steps

  1. Click on the blue 'Apply' button or apply directly on our SRH application portal.
  2. There you create an applicant account, select your desired degree programme and start your application process. You will be guided through the individual application pages and finally upload all important documents, such as your current transcript. Once we have received your application, you will receive a confirmation by email.
  3. After you have sent your application, we will check it for our admission requirements.
  4. You will receive a response from us within a short time. If you meet the requirements, we will send you an acceptance letter and a study contract by post. You will also receive an overview of the documents we still need from you.
  5. You sign the study contract and send it back to us together with the missing documents.
  6. The tuition fees will be debited from your account. Before the start of your studies, you'll have to pay the enrolment fee once (not applicable for distance learners). (Students with non-EU/EEA citizenship pay a higher enrolment fee and the first semester fee in advance). You can find more information about this under Financing.
  7. You will receive your matriculation certificate.
  8. You take part in our introductory week and start your dream studies! 
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FAQ Often asked questions

No, there is no numerus clausus for the study programmes at the SRH Campus Rhineland. This means that you do not need to have a specific grade point average. With us, it's your performance in the study programme that counts. 

For some of our study programmes, we will conduct a personal interview with you. In this interview, we check whether the course content matches your interests and whether your qualifications are sufficient to successfully complete the course.

We do not have any application deadlines. You can also apply and start your studies until shortly after the start of the semester. We recommend that you apply early so that you have an easy start to your studies.

If you have a non-EU citizenship and need a visa for your studies in Germany, we recommend that you apply at least three months before the start of the semester in order to make sure that you have enough time to arrange everything for your visa.

Due to the Corona measures, we have to prepare the current semesters in a hybrid course model. For you, this means that you will have limited face-to-face teaching at the SRH Campus Rhineland and some seminars will be held online. This way we can ensure that the hygiene measures, such as sufficient distance, can be adhered to and that everyone remains healthy.

Since it is still unclear how the infection situation will develop, we are prepared at the SRH Campus Rhineland and can offer our teaching in a blended learning format (online teaching + self-study). In this way, you can continue your studies without worrying about losing time and remain in contact with your professors, fellow students and our qualified staff. This type of teaching has proven its worth since the outbreak of the pandemic and is well received by our students. 

We are always prepared to switch completely to blended learning teaching if this is necessary and ordered. This allows you to continue studying without losing time and to stay in contact with your professors and other students.

Yes, you can apply with your preliminary report card at any time. When you apply online, simply upload your current interim report/half-year report or your current grade point average. This way, we can still check your admission and send you all the important information about your start at the university.
Please note that we need your degree certificate before the start of your studies in order to be able to finally enrol you in the programme.

Yes, you can also study with us without your A-level. 

To be admitted to a study programme at a German university, you need a valid higher education entrance qualification (HZB). For some years now, interested students with work experience (without A-levels or Advanced technical college entrance qualification) have had the opportunity to be admitted to a study programme. This is possible if you have successfully completed at least two years of vocational training. In addition, you must have worked in your profession for at least three years after completing your training.
You will be admitted directly to the study programme if your professional activity is related to the subject or if your professional experience is related to the study programme.
If your two-year training and/or at least three years of work experience are not related to the chosen study programme, you will have to take an aptitude test at our university. Here, your ability to study the subject is assessed.

No, you can save your application at any time and process it at a later date.

Currently we do not process unsent applications and therefore cannot send you any documents.
We therefore recommend that you always submit your online application, even if you do not yet have all the documents. You can submit them later by email.

If you apply for a study programme in the summer semester, the academic year always starts on 1 April of the year.
If you decide to start in the winter semester, your studies will always begin on 1 October of the year.