University integration project

In 2018, the "ALLSTAY 4.0" project developed by the SRH University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia was launched. The aim is to integrate foreign students into the German economy and society alongside their academic education. The project is already bearing fruit today.

Our project ALLSTAY 4.0.

ALLSTAY is an innovative four-stage and social integration model designed to ensure that our international students not only graduate from SRH, but also work and live permanently as professionals in Germany. The project name stands for Arrive, Learn, Live and STAY.

  • Arrive
    we make contact with our students and support them in questions of entry regulations and/or in finding accommodation.
  • Learn
    when they start their studies, our international students get to know the intercultural customs in Germany in the form of courses.
  • Live
    we support our international students in learning the German language, participating in social life and making friends, as well as socialising with people beyond the university campus.
  • Stay
    events and meetings with our students and business partners from the region give our international students the opportunity to make contacts and use this as a springboard for a successful start in business and life in Germany

Our goal: Social integration and participation as well as benefits for the economy by generating highly qualified skilled workers.

We maintain close connections with our business partners and our partner universities abroad. You do not have to do a semester abroad as an SRH student, as this is not part of the curriculum, but we encourage all our students to do a semester abroad or an internship within Europe.

Through our ALLSTAY project, the companies no longer have to carry out the integration process themselves, as we as a university already map this process for them.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Lars Meierling (Headmaster of the SRH University in NRW)