The SRH Campus Rhineland

The best study programmes of the various SRH institutions at one study location

At the SRH Campus Rhineland, you are offered a variety of educational opportunities from the SRH institutions at one study location. You can choose a classroom, distance learning or part-time Bachelor's or Master's study programme or find the right course for you in further education, vocational qualification and vocational training.

Special feature
Special feature

What makes us different

As a charitable foundation, SRH brings together social responsibility and entrepreneurial action. The aim is to continually develop services and open up new life opportunities for people. That is why SRH passionately reinvests its profits in the future markets of education and health. This is also why the SRH Campus Rheinland was founded.

The SRH Higher Education
SRH Higher Education GmbH is the link between all SRH universities. With seven colleges, one university, 150 study programmes and more than 12,000 students, the SRH is one of the leading private higher education institutions in Germany and aims to prepare you for your future role in business and society. At the SRH Campus Rhineland, the SRH universities are brought together and put together an individual and modern study programme for you.

State of the art
The universities at the SRH Campus Rhineland are constantly developing and making new methods and systems in learning forms and business concepts their greatest task. An important aspect ist active and practice-oriented learning. In this way, they support you in learning professional and personal skills in a completely individual, appropriate and contemporary way.

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How the SRH Campus Rhineland works

The various SRH educational institutions at the Campus Rhineland focus on you and offer you innovative teaching and learning concepts. In this way, you will receive individual, adequate and contemporary support in your personal development and in the acquisition of important key competences. The universities at SRH Campus Rhineland prepare you optimally for your future tasks in business and society and enable you to make the right decisions when it comes to future challenges.

We achieve this through innovative concepts: Our answer to the demands of the future in teaching and research. We develop new methods and systems and establish them to implement suitable forms of learning and business concepts. We focus on active, practice-based learning with a high degree of flexibility, thereby responding to economic and social development dynamics as well as to increasing complexity.

THE MOBILE UNIVERSITY Find the right distance learning programme for you here

You have the opportunity to study a Bachelor's or Master's distance learning programme at the SRH Campus Rhineland at our SRH distance learning university - The Mobile University. The SRH Mobile University is a pioneer in the field of part-time online study. The distance learning university has developed a study model that gives the greatest possible flexibility and guarantees excellent service. The heart of the programme is the modern online campus. This allows students to successfully complete a study programme independent of location and time, parallel to their job, training, family or competitive sports.

A wide range of professional opportunities awaits you. In your studies, you will develop the skills to realise your dream of owning your own practice. But with your specialist knowledge, you are also in demand in counselling centres of all kinds, for example in school psychology. You will demonstrate your expertise in expert opinions in family law or traffic psychology. You will also find attractive professional challenges in business and administration. You work as a business coach and personnel consultant, in personnel psychology and in management training.

Psychologie Fernstudium (B.Sc.)

Health awareness is increasingly coming into focus in our society – whether it be the health of individuals, teams or entire organisations. Whether you are a newcomer or an industry expert, you are fascinated by responsible health management. In our study programme, you will learn how to create working conditions that are conducive to health and how to promote a preventive lifestyle among people.

Prävention- und Gesundheitspsychologie (B.A.)

You approach a problem analytically, you are interested in information and communication technology and want to work on the future of companies. You know that with advancing digitalisation, people who can combine business and information technology are becoming increasingly valuable. In this study programme, you will learn to link both worlds and accompany companies on their way into the networked future.

Wirtschaftsinformatik (B.Sc.)

You are interested in technology and analytics and want to use new media for information processing, for education and marketing or also for the development of "game worlds". In our study programme, you will learn how to usefully design networking via the internet, whether for online shops, learning platforms or multiplayer game environments.

Web- und Medieninformatik (B.Sc.)

In the digital economy, special rules apply - to business models as well as to leadership. In order to learn what distinguishes successful digital organisations, you will want to specifically expand your first degree in economics or your leadership experience. Our study programme provides you with all the skills you need to successfully lead companies from the traditional to the digital economy.

Digital Management and Transformation (M.Sc.)

Your goal is to efficiently shape the sustainable positioning and development of a company in the context of the VUCA world (Volatility - Uncertainty - Complexity - Ambiguity). You are fascinated by new business models, changing process landscapes and trends such as digitalisation and want to implement them professionally. In this study programme, you will learn to realign yourself and your company in the areas of finance, accounting, controlling and taxation.

Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxation (M.Sc.)

Your goal is to assume responsibility in companies, to successfully shape corporate management and to develop new business ideas in a dynamic competitive environment. This study programme offers you a broad management education combined with in-depth expert knowledge, which you can choose individually for your personal goals.

Management (M.Sc.)

You want to specialise further - through psychological and management skills. In order for us to act in an economically sustainable way, we have to consider economic goals and human goals equally. And the human being should always have priority. This is where you want to start and gather specific knowledge in order to apply it practically in your work.

Wirtschaftspsychologie, Leadership and Management (M.Sc.)

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