Master’s courses build on a bachelor’s degree and offer you the opportunity to develop and extend the knowledge and competencies gained during your bachelor’s studies. As such, a master’s degree can significantly increase your career prospects and options. You can study for your master’s degree in only four semesters at our SRH Campus Rhineland. It is an excellent opportunity to grow professionally and personally, boost your career and broaden your horizons. Our master’s courses at the SRH Campus Rhineland do not have a grade-based admission limit (numerus clausus). You can start your studies straight away, with no need for waiting semesters.

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Master of International Business and Engineering (M.Eng.) fulltime (english course)*

Regenerative energy systems are part of our future. Topics range from building plants and systems to business consulting services and...

Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.) fulltime (english course)

Supply Chain Management (global logistics) describes the strategic internal and intra-company coordination along the supply chain....

Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.) distance learning (english course)*

Supply chain management (global logistics) refers to the strategic coordination along the supply chain both within and between...
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