In Europe, the bachelor’s degree is the first academic degree of a multi-step study model. It qualifies graduates for entering a variety of careers, including management positions in business and industry or key positions in the social sector. In general, a bachelor’s course takes six semesters to complete. The last semester is used to write the bachelor’s thesis.

A bachelor’s course focuses on the primary elements in the field of study you have chosen. Additionally, you will also acquire central competencies for your future career. Looking to get a bachelor’s degree? Come to SRH Campus Rhineland in Leverkusen and select a course from the fields of health, logistics, psychology, business, technology and social work.

Do you want to get first-hand experience in working in your chosen field? Then the dual study courses we offer may be for you. These are university study courses with integrated phases of work experience in a company. They differ from full-time bachelor’s courses in that they have a different study structure and a stronger practical orientation.

And good news for all those looking for a course without a grade-based admission limit (numerus clausus) as well as high quality content both academically and professionally: all our bachelor’s courses can be studied without meeting a numerus clausus. Ideal for all those looking to start studying right away, with no waiting semesters.

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Business Management (B.Sc.) fulltime (english course)*

Our program in Business Management offers in-depth knowledge in all core areas of business administration. You will acquire...

Supply Chain Management (B.Sc.) fulltime (english course)*

The study programm Bachelor of Supply Chain Management consists of three main components: Business Administration, Engineering and...
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