Studying in the Rhineland

Looking for a good way to live and study economically in the Rhineland? Not a problem in the city of Leverkusen (in North Rhine-Westfalia, NRW). Whether it is the beautiful Carl-Duisberg-Park with its Japanese garden, the various options for sport and leisure time, or Leverkusen’s bars, clubs and shopping centres, the city offers many options for relaxing after studying. It’s easy to achieve the perfect study-life balance.

How is it situated? Wonderfully! Just a short ten minute train journey will take you to Cologne and twenty minutes you will be in Düsseldorf. The excellent connection to the transport network means that you can quickly reach anywhere in the Rhineland. Leverkusen lies in between the university metropoles of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn. It offers a myriad of ways to enjoy your time while studying. And if you want to use the weekend to relax rather than party, then the idyllic countryside of the neighbouring Bergisches Land awaits you.

For more information you can go to for some of the city’s highlights and where best to stay, go out to eat or party and where to go shopping. There is also an interactive map. The website is in German, but you can also go to for a good overview.

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