Living in Leverkusen

More than 10 million people live and work in Germany's largest metropolitan region Rhine-Ruhr.

Leverkusen, located in North Rhine-Westphalia on the Rhine, is a city with a high recreational and leisure value. Leverkusen shows both facets of a large city with a population of around 166,000 and - due to the foothills of the Bergisches Land - a rural charm. A wide range of leisure activities make the home of three first league soccer clubs particularly worth living in. Leverkusen offers an attractive living environment with numerous shopping facilities, cultural offerings, leisure facilities and entertainment miles. Around 1,300 companies in Leverkusen benefit not only from an excellent location in the middle of the economically strong Rhine region, but also from the infrastructure with three train stations with connections to Cologne and Düsseldorf and two international airports (Düsseldorf / Cologne-Bonn). Anyone who has ever been to the Rhineland will know Leverkusen from the illuminated BAYER Cross on the freeway - the world's largest illuminated advertising sign - which is as important to the Leverkusen resident as Cologne's cathedral.

Located between the Rhine and Bergisches Land regions and the neighboring cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf, Leverkusen offers everything that makes a successful place to study with long-term prospects for a good job and a balanced life after graduation. The city profile is rounded off by the numerous sports, leisure, shopping and cultural facilities that make life worth living. The major global players and attractive employers come from the chemical, software, automotive and environmental technology sectors.

Leverkusen also offers exciting projects and support in the area of "Start-ups" for young company founders or those who want to become one:

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