Campus Hamm, Campus Rhineland, *Campus Münster
Supply Chain Management, B.Sc.

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • 6 Semesters
  • Full time
  • Practical study
  • 180 ECTS
  • €680/Month
  • *In Münster in accreditation
  • only winter semester
  • without NC
  • Full time

Supply Chain Management has a big impact on the world. If you want to be part of a dynamic and growing industry and make a difference in the world, then apply and start your Bachelor programme at SRH University of Applied Science.

  • English
  • winter semester
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Your course content
What you will learn

In our Bachelor's degree programme in Supply Chain Management you will learn to analyse, plan, and control all company-internal logistics processes, while ensuring high quality standards. You will be able to automate corporate processes through the specification, selection, and implementation of important information and communication technologies. You will also gain the in-depth management skills needed to manage and structure a modern logistics company. Other important topics in our Bachelor Supply Chain Management are:

  • Elements of digitalization: Courses in Informatics, E-Business, SAP, and Programming, as well as IT-related projects
  • Management skills and important entrepreneurial know-how, such as Corporate Leadership and Development and Human Resource Management
  • Soft skills and personal development: Courses in Self-ManagementPresentation Techniques, and Intercultural Competency

Each course of our Bachelor's degree programme in Supply Chain Management programme runs over a five-week period. During this time you will be engage intensively with a specific practical topic. You will take a maximum of two subjects per five-week-block. Learning objectives, course content, and examinations are all aligned. You take competency-based examinations at the end of each five-week-block (eight to nine times a year). These regular examinations provide you with ongoing feedback on you performance and avoid the need to prepare for multiple simultaneous exams. This approach leads to highly effective classroom instruction – helping you to better retain what you have learned. The culminating 6th semester is the practical semester, in which you will write you Bachelor’s thesis while participating in an internship at a company. The scheduling of this practical phase at the end of our Bachelor's degree programme in Supply Chain Management allows you to profit from the resulting intensive contact with companies and future employers – an important step for you successful career entry.


Your career prospects
Our innovative approach that pays off

Our Bachelor's degree programme in Supply Chain Management prepares you to enter a professional career. Our professors and academic staff share both their knowledge and their practical experience in industry and business. They convey you the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge along with highly applicable expertise. 

Logistics experts can be found within nearly every unit of a company. Common key words, such as Procurement Logistics, Production Logistics, Distribustion Logistics and Reverse, Waste Recycling and Management Logistics are evidence that this industry is continuously changing and evolving. Of course, you can also start your Master's degree after your Bachelor.

Graduates of our Bachelor's degree programme in Supply Chain Management are in demand at a wide variety of enterprises, such as:

  • Industry and Commerce
  • Forwarding agencies 
  • Logistics contractors 
  • Business consultancies 
  • IT contractors/software companies 
  • Infrastructure providers (e.g. airport or container operators) 

Flexibility at its best - Our bridge semester

In addition to the high-quality transfer of knowledge in teaching according to the CORE principle and thus in addition to the training of technical, social and methodical competence application, the personal development of the students is also important to our university. Therefore, we have now introduced the so-called bridging semester in order to offer a maximum of flexibility for exactly this personal development. How does this work and what are the requirements? Quite simply.

You have reached 150 CP in your Bachelor's degree program? Perfect. We now offer you two options:

  1. You continue your studies and graduate as soon as possible
  2. You take a semester break and use this time to find a job, do internships, get a taste of companies, learn languages, acquire cultural competencies or whatever enhances your skills. You do not have to pay any monthly fees for this semester. Of course, your studies will continue for one more semester.

You can use this bridging semester as a bridging semester at the earliest after reaching 150 CPs and at the earliest after finishing the 5th semester in terms of personal and professional development and remain enrolled. A fee is charged for this semester, but the last semester is then free of charge. The bridging semester is limited to one semester. You can indicate yourself if you have reached the required CP before the bridging semester.

The possibility to apply for a semester off remains. The bridging semester is a parallel existing attractive alternative.

Your curriculum

6 Semester 180 ECTS
1. Semester
  • Business Idea (Self-management, Business English, Introduction to Business Studies (Creating a Business Plan), Introduction to Business Studies II) 10
  • The Market (Maths I, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics I) 10
  • Performance (Procurement, Production Management, Physical Distribution, Maths II) 10
2. Semester
  • Marketing (Marketing & Sales, Evaluative statistics) 10
  • Financial Planning (Investment and financing, Cost & Performance Accounting, External Accounting I, Maths III) 10
  • From Theory To Practice (Scientific work & presentation techniques, Project Management, Quality Management, Project Seminar I) 10
3. Semester
  • Legal Basics (Public law, Commercial Private & Commercial Law, Dangerous Goods & Substances) 10
  • Information Technology (Introduction to Computer Science, Application-oriented data processing, Programming & IT Projects, Physics I (Mechanics)) 10
  • Business Organisation (Personal & Organisation, Controlling, Corporate Management & Planning I) 10
4. Semester
  • Process Design (Quantitative Methods in Economics, Introduction of ERP systems, Application ERP systems, Physics II (EIMO)) 14
  • Process Management (Material flow calculation & simulation, Internal material flow technology, Machine elements) 6
  • Best Practice (Human Resources Management, Project seminar II) 10
5. Semester
  • Design of Internal Value Chains (Planning of logistical systems, Production control, Flow of goods control) 10
  • Design of External Value Chains (Traffic & Handling Systems, Supply Chain Strategies) 10
  • Development (Control & Automation Technology, Order picking systems) 10
6. Semester
  • Practical Experience (Internship) 14
  • Realisation (Bachelor's Thesis incl. Colloquium) 16

Your lecturers We help you achieve your goals

Admission requirements
Our requirements

For your application you will need:

  • One of the following qualifications: General university entrance qualification, University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification, North Rhine-Westphalia extended university entrance qualification or for international applicants: university entrance qualification or equivalent
  • CV
  • Photo
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Certification of proficiency in English (e. g. IELTS 6.5, a TOEFL score of at least 600 (pbT) / 80 (ibT), or other verification (for instance, via an interview). This requirement is waived for students from countries where English is the official language of education.

Important information: Please verify the specific visa deadlines for your country before beginning studies in Germany. You will only be able to enroll at the university if you have a visa valid for study in Germany. Please contact the German embassy in your home country to obtain the specific deadlines.

Fees and Funding
Your tuition fees

As a state-recognised, private university, the SRH Campus Rhineland is financed by tuition fees. This income is used to equip our campus, to provide services for our students and for quality assurance. In this way, we ensure that you receive the best possible education under optimal study conditions.

Tuition fees

  • 680 Euro per month* + one-off registration fee of 480 Euro*

The monthly fee remains the same throughout the entire study period. A one-off registration fee of 480 Euro* is charged at the beginning of the course, which is usually payable with the first monthly semester fee.

*For EU/EEA nationals including Switzerland and the Western Balkans. Students from non-EU/EEA countries always pay the full semester fee in advance and a registration fee of 750 Euro.
Please note: non-EU/EEA-citizens will be asked to pay the amount for 12 months of the respective course fees as well as the one-time registration fee in advance. It is also mandatory for the student to pay the amount for 12 months of the respective course fees for an additional year at the latest 3 months before the start of the new academic year.

Study financing

Our financing advice will help you realise your dream to study. You have numerous options for financing your studies. On our financing page (link) you will find, for example, financing options from our partner Brain Capital and other options.

Apply now
Application process and deadlines

We look forward to welcoming you soon at the SRH Campus Rhineland!
We do not have any application deadlines. This is what your application process looks like:

1. You can apply easy by clicking on the button 'Apply' on our website and you will be linked to our SRH application portal.
2. You can register online on our SRH application portal and will be guided through the application process.  
3.  After you have sent your application, we will check your admission.
4. If you fulfill the requirements, you will receive a contract from us by post or email. You will also receive an overview of the documents we still need from you.
5. You sign your study contract and send it back to us together with the missing documents.
6. You will receive your certificate of enrolment after we received your fees on our University bank account.  
7. You take part in our introductory week and start your dream study programme!

There is no deadline for enrolment. You have the choice to apply whenever you want. But to guarantee a smooth process, we highly recommend to apply as soon as possible.
Important information: Please verify the specific visa deadlines for your country for beginning studies in Germany. You will only be able to enrol at the university if you have a visa valid for study in Germany. Please contact the German embassy in your home country to obtain the specific deadlines.

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