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Please note: For the application process for Supply Chain Management M.Sc. - full-time please read the information here.

Applications are handled over the university of Applied Sciences' application portal at

Important information for international non-EU-students: Please note your country-specific visa deadlines in order to start studying in Germany. We can only guarantee you a place at the university if you have a valid visa to study in Germany. Please contact the German embassy in your home country for exact deadlines.

Application documents required (please upload with your application):

  • Certified copy of your last school-leaving certificate acquired abroad and of your university diploma (bachelor or equivalent certificate). If the certificates are in English, no translation is needed. Otherwise these documents require a certified German translation. Before applying, applicants from abroad should visit first to check if their foreign school-leaving certificate qualifies them for enrolment in a German university of applied sciences.
  • Health insurance: foreign students will also need to provide proof of their health insurance at the university. This is mandatory for enrolment. You can either take out a student health insurance from a health insurance company of your choice, or have a confirmation of the existing health insurance issued in your home country (only applicable for the EU).
  • German language qualification is not needed if you apply for a English program. Students need to prove their proficiency in English through one of the standardized language tests. Students from countries with English as (one of) the official language(s) are not required to take a test.

The study contract comes into force once all records and certificates have been received by the university of Applied Sciences, and after the fees have been fully paid in advance.

Health Insurance

Students in Germany are required to have a health insurance. Without proof of coverage, you will not get permission to stay and study in Germany.

During your orientation sessions a representative from a German public health insurances will offer to check your current insurance situation and give advice. Please check to see which of the following situations apply to you:

• You are a Non-EU-citizen: In order to enrol at the university you need a health insurance from one of the insurance companies in Germany (e.g. AOK, BEK, BKK, DAK, IKK, KKH, TK). Doctors will charge the insurer directly for any medical treatment you receive. Cost of coverage: Insurance rates for students are currently about 92 Euro per month.

Here is the landing page regarding your German health insurance: landing page is an offer, but do not feel obliged to use it if you have better options.

• You are an EU-citizen or a citizen of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or Macedonia, and you are insured in your home country: In this case, your medical insurance likely covers your stay in Germany. Germany has signed social insurance agreements with these countries to ensure cross-border coverage. With your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you are also insured in Germany. Please check with your insurance provider to be sure.

• You are a EU-citizen and you are insured in your home country, but your stay in Germany is not covered by your insurance: In this case, you have to take out an additional health insurance from one of the insurance companies in Germany (e.g. AOK, BEK, BKK, DAK, IKK, KKH, TK). Doctors will charge the insurer directly for any medical treatment you receive. Cost of coverage: Insurance rates for students are currently about 92 Euro per month. While public insurance policies all cost roughly the same, the level of service and payment options can differ so it is worthwhile to shop around and compare.

Advice and Guidance Services Guidance before studying – tailored to your needs

At SRH Campus Rhineland we offer support every step of the way. Our student advice and guidance services are here to assist you in finding the perfect study course. The SRH Campus Rhineland is an excellent choice no matter what course you choose. We will help you navigate the different options. If you have any questions about the application process or more generally about studying at our SRH Campus Rhineland, we would love to hear from you. Our student advisors will address any questions you may have.

Our advice and guidance services help to ensure you are on course for success in your future career. Whether you are looking for a bachelor’s or master’s course at the SRH Campus Rhineland in Leverkusen, our university’s focus on competence and practical skills offers an excellent preparation for challenging and rewarding careers. The clear structure of our courses enables you to study in goal-oriented and focused manner. Our professors and lecturers have experience in central management positions in business and industry or in social work. As such, they are perfectly positioned to offer you individual coaching. The exceptional study environment of our SRH universities has proven to give our students first-rate career prospects.

Make an appointment for a personal consultation to get to know our new SRH Campus Rhineland in Leverkusen and the many courses we offer. Don’t just study at one of our universities of Applied Sciences, study with us!

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