Our Holding

Founded in 1966, SRH has since developed into one of the largest providers of high-quality educational and health services in Germany. As a private, non-profit enterprise, SRH pursues the goal of optimizing the quality of life and life chances of people. In doing so, SRH sees itself as ideologically neutral, but committed to common values. Based on these values, SRH wants to actively shape the education and health care system with its services. It combines entrepreneurial action with social responsibility. Due to our foundation status, SRH acts independently of capital interests and operates sustainably in order to maintain and increase the foundation's capital.

SRH operates several subsidiaries that are active in the health, education and social services sectors. These include private universities, general and vocational schools, training centers for further education and vocational rehabilitation as well as hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

A strong partner for education and health

The well-being of all customers is our top priority. Therefore, success for us does not only mean to get higher, faster and further, but also to live up to our responsibility as a non-profit foundation company of social responsibility and to link this with entrepreneurial action. For this reason, profits are reinvested in the future markets of education and health, in order to constantly optimize our services and thereby open up new life opportunities for the people entrusted to us.

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