Competencies and Innovation

The institutes in the House of Universities are focused on you and your success. Their innovative teaching and learning concepts mean that you receive specific, fitting and up-to-date support in both your personal development and in acquiring key competencies. The universities that are part of the House of Universities are excellently positioned to enable you to make the right decisions in future business and societal challenges.

We achieve this through innovative concepts: our answer for the evolving demands placed on teaching and research in the future. We develop new methods and systems and then use these to establish and implement new forms of learning and business concepts. We focus on active, practice-oriented learning with a high degree of flexibility, allowing us to respond to the dynamic economic and social development and increasing complexity.

Knowledge is retrievable, but it is more than simply knowing the facts. Above all else, knowledge translates to ability. The students at our universities (of Appied Sciences) develop their individual skill sets based on professional knowledge management. To this end, we provide our universities (of Appied Sciences) with suitable, future-oriented strategies, concepts and methods. This places us at the forefront of private higher education institutions in Germany and allows us to take the lead in quality and innovation.

SRH Higher Education

Attractive courses of study from various SRH universities of Applied Sciences are to be offered on the Rhineland campus under the umbrella of the strong non-profit foundation SRH. We put together an individual and appealing course portfolio for you. We stand for excellence and efficiency.

One of the leading private funding bodies for higher education in Germany, the SRH Higher Education GmbH incorporates 61 univeritsy and 6 universities of Applied Sciences with a total of 150 courses and more than 15.000 students. It offers students both professionalism and know-how, as well as innovative teaching and learning concepts. This allows us to provide students with tailored, suitable and up-to-date support in acquiring personal and professional skill sets. The SRH Higher Education aims to ensure that their students are optimally prepared to meet future challenges and make the best possible decision according to the circumstances.


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