CORE principle

Learn competencies with CORE - that's what the SRH university network of Appied Sciences stands for. The focus in your studies should be you.

With the introduction of our innovative teaching and learning model, the CORE principle (Competence Oriented Research and Education), we are responding to new educational and market requirements. CORE attaches great importance to the development of competencies by our students. Our coordinated programs enable the best possible employability in an international market. We feel committed to this approach in all our offers - in attendance, part-time and certificate programs as well as distance learning. An agile, motivating and innovative learning culture is a prerequisite and result at the same time. In cooperation with our industrial partners and students, we create the best possible learning environment and develop ourselves further as a learning organization.


Start your job competently The CORE principle and the 4 pillars of competence

The CORE principle is divided into 4 pillars:

  • The required specialist competence will be brought closer to you by the content imparted in the teaching. It will show you how to combine the knowledge gained in the CORE principle, understand theories, master the technical language and recognize relationships.
  • By imparting social skills, you will be enabled in the CORE principle to work in a goal and result-oriented manner in a team.
  • Methodological competence: Here the CORE principle teaches you to use the strategies taught in teaching efficiently and work techniques appropriately.
  • Through appropriate self-competence you organize yourself in the CORE principle and develop professional action, a sense of responsibility and the ability to reflect.


In focus with the CORE principle Leadership skills

Studying according to the CORE principle means that you will be taught how to acquire the ability to solve problems in a targeted, situational and responsible manner, to perform tasks and to tackle challenges. Because in addition to specialist knowledge, successful action also requires many different skills. These have to be trained, learned and reflected in teaching according to the CORE principle.

What does that mean for studying in the Rhineland? Even those who have mastered the various methods of negotiation in theory are still inevitably successful in negotiations. No. Only the interaction with the other party, the negotiating partner, shows whether all the necessary skills are available and can be applied. This is the core of CORE.


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